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We focus on small class settings where everyone feels comfortable. We have a variety of classes available: Concealed Carry; Women’s Only Classes; Defensive Pistol; NRA Certification; Competition Shooting; and more! Many times people feel intimidated because they don’t own tactical gear or don’t know what it is to put 1,000 rounds of ammo down-range. Relax, have fun and learn!

If you are wanting to take a class on your own or as a group contact us, you’ll be glad you did!

Whatever your skill level, we at Albuquerque Firearms Training will take you from where you are and help perfect your shooting.

Certificates: NRA Instructor; USCCA Instructor; USPSA National Range Officer Institute; Close Quarters Weapons Development; Member of Rio Grand Practical Shooters Clib and IDPA.

Women-Only Classes


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Firearm training classes are non refundable. If the class includes range time, cancellations or rescheduling must be made two weeks in advance. If changes are not made two weeks in advance, deposits will be forfeited and you can not apply the deposit to a future class.

If the class does not include range time, cancellations must be made one week prior to class date in order to apply your deposit to a future class.


How much is the NM Concealed Carry Course?

$60. We offer this great NM concealed carry course for an unbeatable price. Albuquerque Firearms Training exceeds the NM concealed carry requirements. Once you register online for the course you will receive a registration confirmation to confirm your seat in the class.

Where are the NM Concealed Carry Classes taught?

All of the classroom portions are taught in Albuquerque. The range days vary between the Albuquerque Shooting Range and Del Norte Gun Club.

How long is the course?

The course length is 15 hours required by NM DPS. Day one is the classroom portion and day two is spent on the range.

Am I required to shoot a handgun as part of the course?

Yes, you will take a marksmanship competncy exam consisting of firing 25 shots at a 12x18 sheet of paper. You will shoot 15 rounds at a distance of 3 yards and 10 rounds at 7 yards. You will receive 4 points for each shot that hits the paper and you must receieve a minimum score of 72% to pass.

Do I need to own a handgun in order to take the course?

No, handgun rentals are available for the defensive portion minimum of 200 rounds. For the qualification there is no charge to use the handgun. (Must supply your own ammo)

What are the requirements for a NM concealed carry license?

You must be 21 years old, a US citizen, a NM resident or a member/dependent of an individual in the armed forces permanently stationed in NM, and you must satisfactorily complete a NM DPS approved firearms training program.

I have a non-resident concealed carry license from another state. Is the license valid in NM? If you are a NM resident you must obtain the NM concealed carry license in order to legally carry concealed within NM.

Are military personnel and military veterans required to take the course?

If you are active military of honorably discharged within the past 20 years, you are not required to take the course, however we encourage you to so you can increase your firearm knowledge and learn about the NM firearm laws. Qualifying military personnel and honorably discharged veterans will be issued a 5 year concealed carry license with endorsements for a 45 caliber semi auto and a 45 caliber revolver. (Refresher courses are required) For more information regarding military qualification for the license please contact the NM Concealed Carry Unit at (505) 841-8053 or myself (Jason) at (505) 967-7337.

What reasons may an individual be denied a NM concealed carry license?

An individual may be denied for any of the following reasons. The individual is a fugitive from justice, has a felony conviction, is currently under indictment for a felony criminal offense in NM or any other state or pursuant to the laws of US or any other jurisdictions, is prohibited by the federal law or mentally incompetent or committed to a mental institution, is addicted to alcohol or controlled substances, has received a conditional discharge, a diversion or a deferment or has been convicted of pled guilty to or entered a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor offense involving assault, battery or battery against a household member at any time in the past.

How long is my license valid?

NM concealed carry licenses are valid for a period of 4 years from the date of issue, unless the license is suspended or revoked. (Refresher courses are required)

What handgun should I qualify with?

You should qualify with whichever caliber you feel comfortable demonstrating the qualification. The minimum allowable is a .32 caliber. Please note whatever caliber you qualify with you are not able to carry any caliber above. There are two categories that you may qualify with semi automatic and non semi automatic (revolver).

How do I apply for a NM Concealed Carry License?

Upon successful completion of the course you must submit a valid NM driver's license or identification card, current 2 page application (signed and dated), signed health information authorization form, signed and notarized authorization for release of information form, photocop of birth certificate or other required legal documents, training certificate, Gemalto fingerprint receipt, $56 fee payable to NMDPS. The application booklet will be provided to you during the course.

How much do fingerprints cost?

The regular fee is $44. If you are applying for the military license, the fee is $8.30. You are required to get your fingerprints through Gemalto through the NM DPS site under fingerprints. If you had your fingerprints taken for another reason you are not able to use those for your NM concealed carry license. NM DPS does not have access to fingerprints that have been submitted to another agency or employer.

For further questions please feel free to contact me at (505) 967-7337

Jason Lujan

Albuquerque Firearms Training